I installed successfully Ubuntu 8.04 in a HP Compaq 8510p laptop. My applications at the moment are:

  • text editor: vim 7.1
  • web browser: Firefox 3.0.3 (webdeveloper, firebug, firecookie, YSlow, vimperator, del.icio.us)
  • IM client: pidgin 2.4.1
  • java editor: eclipse 3.3.2
  • web server: apache2 2.2.8 (php5, “mod_ruby”)
  • gnome-do (quicksilver for gnome)
  • glipper (similar to klipper)
  • network protocol analyzer: wireshark
  • virtual machine: VirtualBox 1.5.6_OSE with Windows XP.
  • oracle client: SQLDeveloper

There is still a list of issues pending to fix:

  • battery life. I followed the tips (powertop, cpufrequtils,  …) of this article although not sure anot the improvement.
  • screen resolution. 1200×800 maximum resolution. I installed fglrx driver through envy but does not improve the resolution (1680*1050 seems the maximum, see this article).
  • CD/DVD writer. brasero nor cdrecord command tool worked.
  • video codecs. AVI files are reproduced very slowly.
  • email client with Exchange support. Evolution does not manage properly meeting requests.
  • glipper. It crashes in every start up.
  • rubygems. Rubygems from repository does not work properly. You have to install it manually.